Eternal Bond

Acrylic and pencils on Paper

This mini collection of abstract paintings captures the eternal bond between a mother and her child, reflecting the truth that even death cannot end this connection.

As people come and go in our lives, a mother remains a constant presence, a forever love. This bond is depicted as a lace in each painting, representing the unbreakable connection that exists between a mother and her child.

The continuity of life, as represented by DNA, is transferred at birth, further emphasizing the infinite nature of this love. The use of pastel colors in these paintings evokes the pure and soft love of a mother. These colors represent the gentle and nurturing nature of mothers, who are a source of strength, guidance and protection for their children.

The paintings remind us of the precious and unending connection between mothers and their children.

Take a look at the full Collection

"Eternal Bond 1"

"Eternal Bond 2"

"Eternal Bond 3"

ETernal Bond 3


"Eternal Bond 4"

"Eternal Bond 5"

"Eternal Bond 6"

"Eternal Bond 7"

"Eternal Bond 8"

Eternal Bond 8 pink


"Eternal Bond 9"

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