Acrylic on Canvas

"Find tranquility throught the contemplation of our emotions during hard times".

The pandemic has brought about a sense of unease and uncertainty for many individuals. It was difficult to find peace and calm during these challenging times. However, there are ways to find solace and tranquility,.

One way to find peace and calm is through the use of abstract art. Abstract paintings can provide a sense of hope and healing, allowing individuals to escape from the reality and enter a world of imagination and beauty. The use of pastel warm colors, strockes and water drops, and unique textures can create an emotional response that promotes feelings of peace and calm. The abstract painting collection can become a powerful tool for healing and help to reduce stress, anxiety and other emotional distress.

Furthermore, adding a piece of abstract art to the living space can serve as a visual reminder of the hope and peace that can be found even in the midst of a crisis. The art can also serve as a conversation starter, creating an opportunity for people to connect and share their experiences, which can help to promote a sense of community and togetherness during these difficult times.

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  1. I´m obssesed with my painting, it gives peace and tranquility to my space. Thanks!

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