Never Ending

"Never Ending"

A mesmerizing journey that encapsulates my vision of eternal love and unending joy.

I've poured my heart into every piece to conjure dreamlike, ethereal scenes that evoke a sense of wonder and emotion.

In these creations, I've embraced the power of vibrant colors – passionate reds, sunny yellows, and fiery oranges – to embody the warmth and intensity of profound love. On the other hand, tranquil light browns, soothing greens, and serene purples paint a canvas of quiet contentment and happiness that knows no limitations.

Through each brushstroke, I've woven movement and energy, giving life to emotions of positivity and fulfillment. Delicate lines dance across the canvas, mirroring the flow of feelings, while dreamy imagery like clouds and flowers infuse an air of calm and boundless bliss.

The result is more than just art; it's a reflection of life's most beautiful moments. Join me in experiencing the 'Never Ending' collection – where love, happiness, and the magic of existence converge in timeless harmony."

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Acrylics, pencils, crayons and goauche - on canvas or paper.

"Never Ending VIII"

"Never Ending IX"

Never Ending IX

"Never Ending X"


"Never Ending XI"

"Never Ending XII"

"Never Ending XIII"


"Never Ending XIV"

"Never Ending XV"

"Never Ending XIX"

Never Ending XIX


"Never Ending XX"

"Never Ending XXI"

Never Ending XXI

"Never Ending XXII"

Never Ending XXII

"Never Ending XXIII"

Never Ending XXIII

"Never Ending XXIV"

Never Ending XXIV

"Never Ending XXV"


"Never Ending XXVI"


"Never Ending XXVII"

"Never Ending XXVIII"

Never Ending XVIII

Available in Argentina

"Never Ending XXIX"

Never Ending XIX

Commission made in Argentina. SOLD

Life guided me along unfamiliar trails, pulling me from my comfort zone. I faced flights with fear to hold my loved ones close, discovering solace in aerial photography. Through my camera’s lens, I captured every detail of the journey. I uncovered a universe of tones and shapes, nesting in my mind as if I had pressed the “record” button. The clouds and skies captured my gaze, and this practice became woven into my daily life. The photographic collection that makes up this video is a part of my inner transformation journey, and today I share it with you today. It’s also the inspiration that made possible this collection “Never Ending”.

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