Broken Promises

Oil - oil Crayons and Acrylic on canvas

Broken promises are like diverted paths in the landscape of our human connections. Instead of viewing them as failures, we might consider them as unexpected turns that invite us to explore new directions. Just like a journey, these organic and intense strokes along with the rich and varied color palette, reveal the complexity of these experiences. The incorporation of oil painting into my artistic process becomes a unique tool that allows me to flow and subtly combine colors. This technique serves as a vehicle to achieve new tonalities, symbolizing the alchemy of moments of pain. Each brushstroke becomes a transformation. The blending of colors becomes a visual metaphor, representing the ability to transform pain into beauty as if each stroke were a step towards healing and the creation of something beautiful from adversity. A broken promise, once navigated, can lead to deeper and more enriching connections. The deliberate choice of violet as the color of transmutation symbolizes resilience, and expansion, prompting us to contemplate how these hues represent the transformation of wounds into growth.

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Broken Promises Collection was exhibited at La Mantia Gallery at Getaway Plaza, Raleigh, North Carolina, on December 2023.

"Broken Promises 1"

"Broken Promises 2"

"Broken Promises 3"

"Broken Promises 4"

"Broken Promises 5"

"Broken Promises 6"

"Broken Promises 7"

"Broken Promises 8"

"Broken Promises 9"

Broken Promises 9

Oil on canvas - 6x6 in

"Broken Promises 10"

Broken promises 10

Oil on canvas - 6x6 in

"Broken Promises 11"

Broken Promises 11

Oil on canvas - 6x6 in

"Broken Promises 12"

Broken promises 12

Oil on canvas - 6x 6 in

"Broken Promises 13"

Broken Promises 13

Oil on canvas - 40 x 40 cm

"Broken Promises 14"

Broken Promises 14

Oil on canvas - 40 x 40 cm