Acrylics, markers and color pencils on paper

This abstract painting collection is a visual representation of my childhood memories, and the emotions that are associated with them. It captures the memories of my country, my town, my neighbourhood, the culture, the family, friends, food, landscapes, and the smell of my happy place.

The collection evokes a sense of nostalgia and happiness, as well as a sense of longing and melancholy.

The original paintings in this collection are bright and colorful, with tiny details and a lot of movement. The use of vibrant colors and bold brushstrokes creates a sense of energy and movement in the paintings, which reflects the feelings of joy and happiness that are associated with childhood memories. The tiny details serve as a reminder of the specific experiences and moments that make up those memories.

The collection captures the culture and traditions of my country and the warmth of my family and friends.

These one of a kind paintings are a reminder that while we may have moved on from our childhood, the memories and experiences we had will always remain with us.

This collection participated in October 2022, of the groupal exhibition for the Night of The Museums in Buenos Aires at Palacio Barolo.

Take a look a the full Collection

Acrylic and Markers on Rice Paper

"Memories I"

"Memories II"

"Memories III"

"Memories IV"

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